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October 11, 2021
The presentation must have speaker notes per slide
October 16, 2021

Research Table

Throughout this course, you have updated your research table with research you have collected related to the final project. For this assignment, you will turn in the research table that you have completed to this point in the course. Attached are the work completed so far the Final Project that this assignment refers to. There are 3 milestones along with the previous Research Table turned in at an earlier point in the course. The Professor’s feedback for that research table was stated as follows: “Your citations and summary of the work is well done you explore important aspects of each paper and relate them to your final article. You need to develop out key concepts, historical context, validity, and applicability. You should fill these out for each cited paper and develop the details. These were not included in this turn in please include them in you next turned in Research Table.”

Will upload milestone files after I assign.

no plagiarism or work done before for other students

900words only…12 hours from now. or less.

8 sources  not later than yr 2000

APA format

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