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December 8, 2022
Treatment of juvenile offenders Provide a brief description of the topic to your instructor. Include a brief discussion of the treatment for the offender population. This could include the type of treatment-related assessment, the assessment instruments u
December 8, 2022

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two peers, assuming the viewpoint of someone who might be reading this summary in a case file, and address the following:

  • Did your peer present a clear and concise summary of the problem and the issues?
  • What was presented well?
  • What additional points might they have considered including?

Mark Fitzpatrick an absentee father of a 4 year old son has struggled with learning challenges since middle school and is currently an inmate in the Huntington Correctional Facility. He has been an inmate for the past 4 years and is eligible for the opportunity to transition into a work program upon release from the facility.


Mark is 28 years of age and has served the past four years at the Huntington Correctional Facility for assault and felony robbery charges. While serving his time he has discussed life challenges that he has experienced that were not happy moments for him including but not limited to breaking his mother’s heart when he dropped out of school and being estranged from her for the past several years. Mark enjoys being an introvert and finds joy in working with his hands. He obtained his GED during his incarceration and has expressed an interest in continue education class at a community college. His file does not give any background information on prior convictions or what contributed to the charges he is currently incarcerated for which would be helpful with providing future services of guidance for a productive life style. Example: He was coming home from the grocery store and a male ask him asking for money he refused and was hit by the male, he defended himself by fighting back and broke the males arm. The male can easy tell the police that he assaulted him but fell to tell his injury was the result of trying to rob Mark. If this was not Mark’s first offense may explain why he was given jail time. The felony robbery charges should be explained giving insight on what happen and what evidence was provided making Mark guilty. Example A video camera on the property where the crime took place show Mark committing the crime verse someone identifying him in a line up. Mark appears to be open and willing to communicate his thoughts admitting his struggles so providing him support will be a pleasure without any difficulties.

Response/Neva Stinson

Joseph Lansing is an eight-year-old second grade student at Samuals Elementary School. He is currently in a very difficult position as he has been removed from his family home and placed in foster care. This is particularly difficult for him especially since he has only one sister who he hasn’t been in contact with her since his removal. The same scenario applies to his relationship with his mother as well. Unfortunately Joseph’s personality of being calm and pleasant has shifted and is affecting his behavior is school.


I’m personally very concern for Joseph. It’s difficult to hear that a child who is typically well behaved has made a turn for the worst because of his family situation that they can’t control. My personal value system is that whenever there is a crisis situation family should step in to ensure the safety of the children and elderly. So obviously I feel a little disappointed due to the fact that these innocent children have to be split up and suffer unnecessary consequences. However, I know that being judgmental and placing blame on anyone won’t help Joseph and his family. I do have several questions such as what happen to cause the bruises on Joseph? Did anyone confess or did he give exact details of the events that took place? This is important for me to understand if he suffered a history of abuse. I would also like to know the ethnicity of Joseph and perhaps if that matches the ethnicity of his foster parents. Being in a new environment and also adapting to new cultures can be very difficult at his young age. According to Woodside & McClam (2015), Development may be affected by the social context in which the individual lives—the home, family, community, culture, country, and sociopolitical climate. A person’s characteristics, including traits, wishes, values, and childhood experiences, may also influence the way that person experiences each stage. (p.139). It was also stated that he hasn’t seen or talked to his mother and sister since the removal. I would like to know if there is anyway to rectify that situation. I’m curious to see if bringing his family back into his life at least for a few telephone conversations if this could greatly impact his behavior.


Joseph may have a long way to go for his treatment and closure with his new environment and recent trauma. I understand that the school needed to take proper precautions to protect the other students in the school although I don’t know if suspension is the best option. This may have been the time for a real intervention. Yes he does need to understand there are consequences for his actions but this is a process that will take a lot of effort on the behalf of many human service professionals. One of the first responsibilities of the helper is to move the client from the role of victim to the status of taking responsibility for personal actions and thoughts. (Woodside and McClam, 2015, p.141).



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