May 2, 2021
May 2, 2021

  HA3300D – Healthcare Policy and Ethics

Assignment 05: Forming Your Research Question or Thesis

 Once you’ve received approval for your research topic from your professor, you must decide what question you’ll try to answer, or what argument you’ll try to prove in the course of presenting your research. IT is also time to begin to research your topic and develop your reference list.

You must develop a research question or thesis that can be addressed effectively in a 4-page paper. This video from ProQuest Research Companion, “Thesis Statements as Debatable Claims,” gives more information about thesis statements (and the questions they answer).

As you develop your thesis statement or research question, consider:

.Do you have a “burning question” about this topic? What is it?

.Do you already have a strong opinion about this topic? Do you want to “take a stand”?

What to Submit for this Assignment

For this assignment, choose one of these purposes and expand on it in more detail in 5-7 sentences. If you have a question, describe it and speculate about how you will answer it. If you have a strong opinion, state clearly what it is, and why you believe it to be true.

Below your paragraph, include 2-3 credible sources that you are considering including in your paper. Cite them in APA style.

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