Disc 1/wk 3
December 5, 2022
Informational Interview
December 5, 2022

Guidelines for the Personal Wellness Plan Each student will prepare a 3-pages double spaced paper, with particular emphasis on developing a plan for lifelong adjustment to balancing the stresses of work and personal life through specific techniques of healthy living. The paper should integrate material from the Coursepack and Abascal books, along with material from the Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/home.htm) and/or O*NET online (http://www.onetonline.org/) (or other appropriate research sources, as in Homework #2), regarding the nature of work and working conditions for your career target occupation, in order to (1) identify probable sources of stress that you will face in your future career (such as long hours and travel required by certain occupations, or periodic work/family conflict, etc.), and (2) particular stress management techniques from Abascal that are a good fit for you personally (such as sports involvement, regular exercise routine, relaxation or other mental techniques, appropriate diet, and/or time management techniques that allow for appropriate amounts of sleep as necessary, etc.). The paper should utilize the OSSIPEE model to describe how the plan is expected to promote health in four or more of the basic areas of health (occupational, spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and/or environmental). Better papers will clearly demonstrate a broad application of the concepts from the Abascal book by properly footnoting the Abascal material used, including the page numbers from the book where the material was taken. The paper should utilize headings to organize the major components, (see below). As with any multi-page piece of written work, it should have an introduction and conclusion. In addition, it shoul

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