May 2, 2021
May 2, 2021


Having an academic or a professional portfolio is essential to advance in nursing, a portfolio reflects a nurse’s skills and accomplishments. A portfolio consists of more than a resume or a curriculum vita it also reflects awards, CEU’s, and committees that one has participated during their nursing career. According to, Barnes (2018), there are 3 reasons to create a portfolio self-promotion, evidence of outcomes, and structure, and direction. Providing a well-organized portfolio is a blueprint of a nurse’s career for self-promotion of clinical advancements and competency improvements. One strategy I would use in my portfolio is adding any group projects that shows my ability to work and communicate with others. Teamwork is a huge part of healthcare and communicating with other healthcare disciplines is imperative for the quality of health care. Another strategy that I can implement is to keep an updated portfolio with the most recent documents readily available for employers due to nursing being competitive will set me apart from other applicants.


A few tips of keeping a professional portfolio


  • Put each continuing education certificate with the      corresponding course advertisement, objectives, and class handout, in a      clear plastic sheet protector.
  • Maintain the professional appearance of the document: neat,      organized, and complete. 
  • Edit, and spell check to eliminate typographical and      grammatical errorsNCE -PLEASE

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