May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021


1. Case Study, Chapter 43, Drugs Affecting Blood Pressure 50 points if all questions are answered correctlyA staff nurse has to administer medications for blood pressure to several patients in the coronary care unit. The medications include captopril, diltiazem, and nitroprusside. The medications have to be administered to three older adults. a.  What are the indications for captopril?b.  What are the therapeutic actions for diltiazem?c.  What are the most common adverse reactions for nitroprusside?d.  What are the lifespan considerations in the older adult for the use of drugs that affect blood pressure?e.  What are the nursing implementation considerations for a patient receiving nitroprusside for blood pressure?2. Case Study, Chapter 46, Antianginal Agents50 points if all questions are answered correctlyA student nurse is preparing a paper on coronary artery disease, including the risk factors and the clinical presentation. The paper must include a review of common antianginal agents: nitrates, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers. a.  What are the therapeutic actions, indications, and pharmacokinetics for nitroglycerin?b.  What are the indications and pharmacokinetics for metoprolol?c.  What are the therapeutic actions for diltiazem?d.  What are the considerations for the older adult for the use of antianginal agents?e.  What are the important teaching points for patients receiving antianginal nitrates?

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