May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021

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Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are two methods used for evaluating evidence. Reliable and accurate evidence is necessary in promoting positive patient outcomes. Systematic reviews rely on a comprehensive and reproducible approach that focused on a single clinical issue with clear objectives. This method is used to reduce bias by identifying, appraising, and synthesizing all relevant studies from a quantitative or qualitative analysis that led to a more reliable and accurate conclusion (Uman, 2011). The studies can take months to seven years to complete. Systematic review is considered an evidence-based resource.

Meta-analysis involves the statistical process of analyzing and combining results from multiple different studies (Ahn & Kang, 2018). This method is use in studies from quantitative analysis with conflicting results to develop a more precise estimate of the outcomes (Ahn & Kang, 2018). Meta-analysis is a subset of a systematic review. It is difficult, time-consuming and considered an evidence-based resource.

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