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December 6, 2022
Review the collateral information of Case Scenario 1. In the Assessment Data section, review the raw data of the MMPI-2. Appropriately interpret the scores. Based on your review of Therapeutic Risk Typologies, provide a one- to two-page recommendations r
December 6, 2022

All questions must have an answer with about 150-200 word answer. They also must pass turn it in and have one quote in each answer. They are all a standalone question.

1.       What do you wear that communicates non-verbally about who you are or what your values are? What influences your clothing choices?

2.       Explain the concept of monochronic and polychronic. Give an example of a culture whose time system is polychronic.

3.       What causes intercultural conflict? Is there any way to avoid it? Should it be avoided?

4.       What building blocks (from chapter 2 of the textbook) have you used to communicate with people from different cultures? Were these building blocks effective? If so, what made them effective? If not, why were they not effective?

5.       What are the stages of culture shock? What causes it? Is there any way to avoid it? What are healthy ways to survive it?

6.       If you were going to enter an intercultural marriage, what would be the item that would be most difficult for you to accept from another culture or to lose from yours? Give details to support your answer.

7.       What stereotypes do you have about people from certain cultures and either work ethic, wealth, or business acumen? What is the basis for these stereotypes?

8.       If you have had experience with healthcare or education in another country, describe the experience. If you have not, what are the challenges you think it would present? Imagine the process you go through in your doctor’s office or in a classroom. What would it be like to be in that setting if you were from another culture or perhaps spoke a different language?

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