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September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

You MUST use the assigned topic and format for your paper or you risk getting a 0.

Term Paper Topic:

A Ten Year Plan for Finding Life in the Universe

You have just been named the director of a world consortium charged with finding extraterrestrial life as quickly as possible. You proposal must convince scientists and non-scientists alike, so it needs to be both accurate and clear. Your plan should address the following issues:

1. Where should we focus our search? Choose one or more locations and argue why these are the best places to search for life. Use evidence from current research to make your argument.

2. What types of organisms should we look for? Choose one or more organisms and argue why these are the most promising life forms to search for in the location(s) you have selected. Use evidence from current research to make your argument.

A successful paper be at least 2500 words and will include:

  • A coherent scientific argument that uses scientifically valid articles (from the Internet or journals) – and many of the main concepts used in the textbook, articles, and assignments. These concepts might include: metabolism, respiration, reproduction, habitability zones, extremophiles, methods of searching for extrasolar planets, carbon-based life, universal solvents, planetary atmospheres, or many other concepts that are key to the search for life. Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, not just the awareness of the terminology.
  • A clear organization and correct grammar to provide a readable and intelligent paper. It should be easy and pleasurable to read. This should include an introduction, conclusion, and appropriate headers to help make clarify your argument.
  • Individuality and creativity to show how you have digested and interpreted the information, and to show me it is your OWN work. Papers that read like a bunch of cut and paste text without any personality will be poorly graded.
  • A complete and consistent set of citations and references in APA, IEEE, or similar academic format. I don’t care which format you use, but be consistent and thorough.
  • Pride in your work. If you don’t love it, I won’t love it.

You MUST do original work. I will be very strict on anything that is copied from the Internet or another student’s paper – it is plagiarism. Don’t go there.

One more time…sorry….a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Any paper that does not follow this format will not be graded and will be given a 0.

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