Activity 1

As we discuss
December 8, 2022
Select one of the four special populations discussed in this module (youthful offenders, domestic violence offenders, female offenders, and the elderly) and complete the following: Identify the characteristics that make this population unique. Identify t
December 8, 2022

Essay 4 pages.

part 1- 

watch a video ” the smartest machine on earth:can a computer win on jeopardy?” then select three examples or terms from the video that corresponds to something from this book ” cognition by Margert W. Matline 8th edition”.. Explain and define each concept/ example thoroughly in a paragraph each.

Part 2- 

Explain two cognitive concepts from the video that are not in the textbook. explain fully  and describe an example.

part 3-

use 5 refrences for each concept ” journal articles” only. List one APA style refrence

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