APA-essay- scholarly!!

September 11, 2020
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September 11, 2020

No Word minimum, but needs to be well thought out.I uploaded the APA template, PLEASE INCLUDE INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION TO PAPER. I WILL DISPUTE IF NOT SCHOLARLY OR PLAGIARIZED! Patient stays in the hospital are being reduced for any number of reasons, but that does not mean the patients should not be monitored. In your opinion, identify no more than four new real-time devices you believe are crucial for a large enough pool of patients that every patient should be tethered to them, both in the hospital and at home during recuperation and rehabilitation. Explain your rationale and provide evidence.  Explain how data analytics leads to improved outcomes from both what you have read and from any personal experiences you can share. In combat aviation, the concept of situational awareness and data fusion is critical. Attack or defend the notion that healthcare providers need similar kinds of data fusion to provide a more robust patient situational awareness, especially in situations of noisy and conflicting data. Explain the key concepts behind six sigma analytics and explain why or why such approaches should not be used. Explain and support your position.

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