Applications of Behaviorism in the Field and Research

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December 6, 2022
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December 6, 2022

A Minimum of 350 words.

Completed your Internet search on an ABA interest area of your choice (Education), answer the following:

What is your area of interest in the ABA field (e.g., in education)? What appeals to you most about this field? How is research used in your field of interest? Paste the Web link from your search at the conclusion of your post so that your classmates can learn more about your field.

Next, discuss your experience with data. Have you ever taken data before? If so, describe what type of data you have taken and why it was important to collect accurate data. If you have never taken data before, using the Reading from this week, discuss what you learned about data collection and why it is included as a step in behavior modification programs.

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