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February 17, 2021
policy analysis essay-report
February 17, 2021

Policy Analysis Report  Essay
  •   Follow the specific instructions of data analysis for each question.

  •   There are two questions listed in this assignment. looking  for

    completion, writing and presentation style.

  •   Write your discussion in a concise and precise way. Your discussion should be

    supported by the data analysis and empirical findings.

  •   For each question, you are required to generate tables and figures. Tables and

figures should be self-contained.o Each table and figure should have a title.o Each table and figure should have a footnote for data sources.o If you need to present multiple lines or bars in a figure, the layout for lines

and bars should be differentiable.o Axes should go with self-contained titles.o Use legends and labels if they help to clarify your figures.

1. In previous lectures, we discussed that descriptive representation can be evaluated based on different social identities. For example, Kettl illustrates minority representation in the federal civilian workforce based on a comparison between the percentages of minority and non-minority federal employees. Use the 2009 Government Workforce Statistics (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC) to complete the following analyses.

(1) Choose the category “Aggregated by Government Type—Type: 3 City”. You could find three tables, “Total Full Time Employment”, “Total Part-Time Employment”, and “Total New Hire Employment”. Use the data in the first table, “Total Full Time Employment”, to generate a similar figure (i.e. a pie chart) as Figure 8.3 (Kettl, page 245). In this figure, you should only use the data based on total full- time employment. Also, make sure to present information for each race group (i.e. White, African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American). (10 points)

(2) Compare the figure generated in 1-(1) to Figure 8.3 (Kettl, p.245), do you find a different pattern of minority representation among civilian public employees in city governments? (5 points)


(4) What is the pattern of minority representation among newly hired public employees in city governments? Use relevant data in the third table “Total New Hire Employment” to generate a third figure similar to Figure 8.3, and briefly discuss what you find. (10 points)

(5) Compare the three figures you produced in (1), (3), and (4). How does minority representation in city governments vary across employment types (i.e. full-time, part- time and new hire employment)? Discuss what you find for each race. (10 points)

2. Kettl contends, “Doing the public’s work—and doing it well—requires finding, recruiting, and retaining good people (p.231).” Do you know that, despite salaries and position-classifications, government employees’ perceptions on their own organizations also matter for retaining talented people? The Best Places to Work rankings provide most in-depth analysis of employee satisfaction. It could be a valuable information-source for people who are interested in seeking a federal job. Go to the homepage of “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government”, and read the background information by clicking “About Best Places to Work”. In the following part of the assignment, you will explore how federal employees rate federal agencies.

(1) Find the data for the 2015 Overall Index Scores. List the top 3 large agencies with the highest overall index scores in 2015. List the top 3 small agencies with the highest overall index scores in 2015. Which large agency made the greatest improvement from 2014 to 2015? Which small agency made the greatest improvement from 2014 to 2015? (10 points)

(2) Choose one agency from the following list and make a table for its 2015 rating scores based on all specific categories (including 10 major categories and 4 sub- categories under “Effective Leadership”). (5 points)

  •   Department of Veterans Affairs

  •   Department of State

  •   Department of the Treasury

  •   Department of Transportation

  •   Department of Labor

  •   Department of Education

  •   Department of Homeland Security

  •   Department of Health and Human Services

  •   Department of Energy

  •   Department of Justice

  •   Department of Agriculture

    (3) Based on the category-specific index scores you analyzed in 3-(2), which categories would make the selected agency a good place to work? Which aspects do you think the agency needs to be improved on? (5 points)

    (4) Use the same agency you chose in 3-(2), and make a table by comparing how female and male federal employees evaluate this agency. (5 points) Do you find any similarity (or dissimilarity) based on gender? Which group’s rating do you trust more, men or women? Why? (5 points)

    (5) Use the same agency you chose in 3-(2), and make a table by comparing how different race groups rate the agency. (5 points) Do you find any similarity (or dissimilarity across the 6 race/ethnicity groups)? (5 points) Then, make a table by comparing how this agency is rated based on teamwork, support for diversity, and fairness (this is a sub-category under Effective Leadership). Discuss what you find. (5 points)

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