Biopsychology Dicussion Question

Given your understanding of the role of neuronal actions in learning, memory, and amnesia, do you think it is possible to develop drugs and behavioral procedures to selectively block specific memories? Why or why not? Same as always 300 plus
June 2, 2022
June 2, 2022

400 word minimum length

For this discussion, go to the website Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home, located at

Description:  In this acclaimed five-part series, Bill Moyers looks at substance abuse from all sides: personal, professional, scientific, and political. Close to Home is an in-depth look at the heartbreak of addiction and the hope and possibility of recovery.

Click through the links below and review their materials;

screen, select one of the stories listed there and then, agree or disagree and explain why you disagree with it.  Support your position with information gleaned from the below resources excluding the opposing Viewpoints expert’s perspectives.

Reply to two classmates’ Initial Posts.

Portrait of Addiction

Description: Nine people from many walks of life chronicle their own journeys through addiction, from the first, ecstatic rush to the compulsive, obsessive hunger for a high. They leave no doubt that addiction does not discriminate.

Portrait of Addiction

The Hijacked Brain

Description:  Moyers meets with scientists who are charting the physiological changes that take place in the brain as drugs kick in. Meanwhile, genetic researchers work to determine who is likely to develop alcoholism.

Science: The Hijacked Brain:

Bill Moyers does an interview and discusses how the brain is “hijacked” while on drugs.

Changing Lives

Description:  While every addict’s brain undergoes similar changes, there is no treatment program that works for everyone. Recovery is personal, and avoiding relapse is the hardest part. Moyers visits innovative treatment programs, including the one that helped his son

Treatment: Changing Lives:

Read on this screen about how treatment works and the various types of treatment for drug abuse and addiction.

The Next Generation

Description:  Addiction is a cycle, passing from generation to generation. One in five American children lives in a home with an addict, but even those who don’t can be at risk. Many antidrug programs have little effect. But there is hope for kids yet.

Prevention: The Next Generation:

Read on this screen about who is at greatest risk and how future generations can be protected.

The Politics of Addiction

Description:  Moyers talks with people seeking to change American policy from a criminal-justice approach to a public-health model. He also looks at how doctors and other advocates transformed America’s attitudes toward smoking.

Policy: The Politics of Addiction:

Read and watch a video about current public policy and related controversial issues.


Find the latest news about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.


Go to search for drugs and alcohol.

Textbook:  Pinel, J. (2014).  Biopsychology (9th edition). Pearson Publishing.

Quoting of published authors is not allowed in forum posts. This is because your professor needs to see what you comprehend of the learning material and how you can apply that knowledge in responding to the forum topic prompts, not what somebody else said in a publication. Instead of quoting, to support your writing with scholarly sources you will need to paraphrase (summarize in your own words) what you read.

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