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  • Describe selected nervous system diseases
  • Describe issues and changes related to the nervous system at different points in the lifespan


This writing assignment helps students apply the function of the nervous system anatomical structures to diseases or disorders of the nervous system.

A two page (350-500 word) paper describing two nervous system diseases or disorders

  • Step 1 – Use the Internet to research how the nervous system works. Visit at least three different

websites such as “” that you think are credible.

  • Step 2 – Write a two-page (350-500 word) paper, APA style, describing two different nervous system diseases or disorders. Be sure to include the following elements of the two diseases you select:

-Define the disease or disorder and explain its typical cause.

-Describe the signs and symptoms of the disease or disorder.

-Describe the anatomical structures involved or that can be involved in this disease or disorder.

-Describe the treatment and any possible cures.

-Describe some ways this disease or disorder might be prevented.

discuss whether this disease or disorder is related to a specific stage of the lifespan or whether a specific stage of life impacts this disease.

-Include a picture or drawing of each disease

-NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Cite your sources

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