Case Study and Careplan

Trends in Informatics
October 12, 2020
Analysis worksheet
October 12, 2020

Develop a case study and a plan of care, incorporating current mobile App technology: Select a population. Define your population by gender,  age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, spiritual need, and healthcare  need.  Apply concepts learned in course to identify healthcare needs  specific to the population and access to care (Utilize your textbook  Chapters 1-25, and identified Websites).  Also use at least two  references within the five years. Describe how Telehealth could impact the delivery of care to this population. Identify PICO specific to the population you chose in #1. (apply PICOT statement) Define a plan of care. 3 pages not including the title page and references page Format: APA, 6th edition format is to be observed (12 pt., 1” margins, Times New Roman) Research: Two references within the last five years

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