What exactly is an MRCP test? What are they looking for?
December 8, 2022
Discuss the Jaffee v. Redmond (1996) case with your classmates. Using the appropriate terminology, examine the background, participants, and historical significance of the case in relation to the standardized substance abuse assessments used in today’s fo
December 8, 2022

Similar hypotheses underpin cognitive therapy (CT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), yet the application of each is different when working with clients. CT involves adjusting how clients think and feel. CBT involves adjusting how clients think and behave. It is up to social workers or other helping professionals to compare both therapies and determine which is most effective for client intervention.

For this Discussion, select a client problem that you think calls for CT or CBT as an intervention. Write a brief description of the client problem you selected. Then, explain if you would choose CT or CBT as an intervention for this client problem and explain why. Effective references

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