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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

My topic is Cell Phone Technology.

 In week one you write a practice essay, which is just a way for me to see where you are with your writing skills and provide feedback for you as you move forward in the course. However, the topic for this practice essay is also the one that you can use for your week three rough draft which turns into your week five final draft. Now, you are not required to use the same topic, but it’s easier on you if you do and most students prefer it that way. 

As I stated in my guidance, the topic is of a personal nature. You need to choose a person, event, or object to write about and explain the significance in your life. The purpose of your discussion post this week is to start brainstorming those topics. 

  • You need to provide 3 to 5 ideas in list format for your final essay. When you choose your topics be sure that you are choosing something that you can develop into an essay and state the significance of.

Students often write about becoming a parent, which is an OK topic, but they usually neglect to state the significance of becoming a parent. For example, they don’t state why this event is important to them. Is it because it has changed their outlook on life? Has it encouraged them to return to college? Did it force them to become more financially responsible? Your essay needs to state the “so what point”, so as you brainstorm your topics you will need to always make sure that you can write an essay that states the significance the topic has in your life.

  • After you list your 3 to 5 ideas you will need to write a paragraph explaining which brainstorming  techniques in chapter four you used to come up with those ideas. 
  • Lastly, share with us what you think the key elements of a narrative are, or what makes a good story work.

Good luck!

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