Chagas Disease, health & medical homework help

​Health Promotion Case Study Selected topic urinary tract infection and osteoporosis, health & medical homework help
September 13, 2021
HCM307 Colorado Technical University Online Provider Organization Assignment
September 13, 2021

Sorry for the delay! A few comments:

1. You didn’t put your name on it!

2.In the description, give a very general description of the manifestations of Chagas (1-2 sentences at the most – very brief)

3.Under prevalence, I think you mean to say United States

4.You need more than 1 ref for the entire section for patho (as in, you may use the same ref more than once in the paragraphs, but not just 1 ref for the entire section)

5.Also more than 1 for treatment as well – I’m assuming you only used 1 for clinical manifestations, so that’s fine

6.What is “mani” in the last pic?

Other than that – great!

Name: Judith De La Incera.

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