Chapter 3 – Culture

Agrument essay
February 17, 2021
Considering the variables and design that you described in the first discussion
February 17, 2021

Please respond to the following problems with 200 words each,12 font times roman,citations and references in your own words no plagiarism. 

  1. define and discuss in detail the concept of Culture, Cultural Lens, Culture Shock, Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism and give examples of how they work.
  2. discuss the Symbolic Nature of Culture and Language and Culture.  (Don’t forget to include the concept of Cultural Selectivity, and the Sapir-Wharf Hypothesis)  Make sure you use examples to help expand on your concepts.
  3.  define in detail, values, norms and sanctions and discuss how they are related to each other.  Make sure to include folkways, mores, taboo, ideal and real culture into your discussion.
  4. summarize in detail how Technology leads to Cultural Change.  Explain how innovation, diffusion, cultural leveling and cultural lag are related to cultural change and give examples of how they work.

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