Chapter 4 Assignment

Discuss the effects of Heart Disease on the body of a woman in menopause
October 11, 2021
Paraphrase answers that correspond with the question
October 11, 2021

Complete the Learning Exercise 4.3 – Family Values with the MORAL Decision-Making Model (located in Chapter 4 of the textbook). Please answer questions (1 & 2 ) that are listed under the “Assignment” headline. Below are the questions (same as the text under the “assignment” headline- I copied it onto this).

1. You must decide what to do. Recognize that your own value system will play a part in your decision. List several alternatives that are available to you. 2. Identify which ethical frameworks or principles most affected your decision making.

Instructions: (Also answer these questions below).

1. Read the Family Values Learning Exercise 4.3 in Chapter 4.

2. Then, review Display 4.5 MORAL Decision-Making Model .

3. Explain how you would use the Moral Decision-Making Model to make the decisions presented in the Family Values scenario.

  • Pretend that you are the attending nurse for the critical patient and see whether the MORAL model helps in the decision-making process for the scenario.
  • 4. Finally, comment on the usefulness of the MORAL Decision-Making Model.

    5. Your paper should be:

    o One (1) page

    o Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards

    o Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file

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