Child Abuse in Homes of Substance Abusers

Psychology in Action (11th Edition), psychology homework help
February 21, 2021
jean edward smith john marshall definer of a nation, political science homework help
February 21, 2021

  • Choose one of the following audiences, and describe a plan to heighten awareness of Child Abuse in Homes of Substance Abusers
    • Grade and high school students
    • Parent or child organizations 
    • Welfare recipients
  • Include three action points for implementing this awareness plan nationwide to the chosen audience.  Be sure to specify:
    • Who will deliver the information?
    • How will the information be delivered?
    • What systems will be put in place for support if needed by participants?
  • Include one additional action point to address prevention strategies in the population chosen above.
Create a two- to three-page plan

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