Click on the Enter Sentinel City link in Module 1 a, paper help

Discussion Questions
September 12, 2021
short response with references
September 12, 2021

For Assignment 1, please do the following:

  1. Review all requirements in the Assignment 1 Rubric.
  2. Click on the Enter Sentinel City link in Module 1 and begin your Virtual Experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City. Since this is your first tour, please select the slowest speed and stay on the bus the entire time at least once before getting off the bus.
  3. As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically, those that align with the demographics and/or subsystems listed in the left-hand column of the Assignment 1 Rubric.
  4. After your tour is complete, compile your observations into a 2-4 page paper, with at least 2 scholarly references per section, addressing each item listed in the first column of the Assignment 1 Rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column. Note: The demographic information available in the virtual setting is not considered one of your scholarly sources.
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