Common Assignment 1 Final Exam Part A -“Writing for Social Change”, psychology homework help

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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021


Competancies Addressed:

·  EP 2.1.1, PB1 Social workers advocate for client access to the services of social work;

·  EP 2.1.5 Advocate for human rights and social justice

Writing for Social Change Activity(Common Assignment 1) – 15% of the grade

Please write a three-four page paper that incorporates a human rights perspective, social work history, and how social workers conceptualized and responded to social problems or conditions. Please use APA style (cover page, double-spacing, 12 point font, one inch margins, citations, and references). Please answer the following questions:

·  Please identify one or more social problems or conditions that social workers responded in the last 19th and 20th centuries (e.g., child abuse, poverty, industrialization, immigration, crime and punishment, racial justice, and women’s rights, disability rights (mental and/or physical health) (1 page)

·  Please identify social work leaders and/or organizations that worked on this social problem or condition. How did they conceptualize and critically analyze the ‘problem’? How did they respond to the problem using research, practice, and policy advocacy? (1 page)

·  Critically analyze and compare how social workers responded in our early history compared to contemporary social work practice? Please use a human rights framework in both the conceptualization and critical analysis of the problem and response. What might you that is similar or difference? (and please explain your rationale) (1 page)

·  Critically reflect upon what you learned from completing this assignment (1/4-1/2 page page)

Due: March 1, but can be submitted anytime up until then.

Common Assignment 1 Final Exam Part A -“Writing for Social Change”

Practice Behavior

Not Competent

Developing Competency


Advanced Competence

2.1.1. Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly.

PB 1 Social workers advocate for client access to the services of social work.

2.1.5. Advance human rights and social and economic justice.

PB3. Social workers engage in practices that advance social and economic justice.

Lacks an understanding of how social workers advocate on behalf of their clients.

Unable to identify social issue from a social and economic justice perspective.

Demonstrates understanding of systems and how social workers may use systems to advocate for clients.

Identifies social and economic justice perspective but unable to identify practices to advance justice from this perspective.

Understands how client advocacy is part of a professional role and demonstrates ability to utilize system to meet client needs.

Is able to differentiate practices that advance social and economic justice from those that do not.

Identifies alternative strategies social workers  utilize to obtain services and benefits needed by clients.

Identifies and is able to implement practices and strategies to advance social and economic justice.

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