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AHS6630 Wilmington University Week 6 Developing SMART Goals Discussion
September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

You will be assigned to research a specific common pool resource based on the first letter of your last name.

    • If your last name begins with H to N, you must research Forests.

In your initial post of at least 250 words, using the required resources and any additional credible resources that would enhance the strength of your argument, complete the following:

  • Discuss if your assigned common pool resource is best managed by privatization or through collective action and why.
  • Discuss how the concepts of rivalry and excludability affect the management of this resource.
  • Select one of the following ethical principles and explain how it creates a dilemma when managing your common pool resource:
    • Intergenerational equity
    • Precautionary principle
    • Sustainable development
    • Polluter pays
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