Complete Family Geneology Paper

Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay are the 2
February 17, 2021
intro to american politics
February 17, 2021



It all start with Gladys Mae Jone (GRANDMOTHER) , she was born June 10, 1915 in Stewart county . She was married to Thomas Jefferson Duck , He was the only child.  He was born March 31, 1913  in Bibb County. They had 14 to kids, three set of twins. Her first kids was a boy & girl . They name was Thomas Edward (Feb 17, 1935 and Sarah Allen . No kids. The she had the Betty Jean Thomas ( Sept 30, 1936 was born in raised in Parrott Ga. Betty Jean Thomas had 5 kids. There name was John Ed Thomas Jr ( Jan , 31, 1955).  He had three girls. ( Gabrielle Thomas , Keisha Thomas, Tameka Thomas. All was born in Parrott Ga.  James Curtis Thomas ( 01/08/1960) He only had One child . Tasha Thomas . Her next child was Jean Thomas (11/12/1965), she had three kids . Keta Thomas, Jermey Kimbrough , Quadeshia Thomas. Then she had William Thomas  which is married .and he had three kids. There name was Justin Thomas, lashay Thomas, Willam Thomas Jr.  Betty Jean Thomas last child is Gary Thomas, has five kids.  Then came Cobsy Duck 03,15,1939)And he had 10 kids. Next it was David Duck (11/14/1942)  ( no kids) Next it was George & Henry (twins) (11/02/1944) George Duck was 4 kids , Tammy , George jr, Krissy, Vincent . Henry had three girls, . Next it was Martha Griggs 07/22/1946, my grandmother. , sheShe had 3 kids , Danie Griggs (03/13/1964) my mother, that’s  how I came in the world. . My mother had three kids which is Montavious Griggs (11/01/1983) Crystal Smith (06/15/1988) Crystal has two kids Anthony Berry 01/20/2007& Wynter Noelle Berry (01/01/2016then it’s me Abril Smith (June 27, 1991). My grandma next child was Dexter Griggs (11/26/1965), had 4kids. Dexter, Donta, Jalisa, and Quan Griggs. My grandma last child Tracy Gorham (06/10/1969) she had one child. My grandmother was married to my Granddad Jimmy Griggs (04/20/1942. Glady Mae next set of twin was name Bertha & Ollie ( 12/18/1949) Ollie had five kids , Tony, Leon Polly, Leon (Ramy & Ramtha) (twins), . Next it was Jack Duck  (01/04/1952)had one kid.  Then It was Dorthy Duck (07/23/1954), she had two girls, Sharel & Shontrel.

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