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February 17, 2021
Week 4 Discussion- Consumer Safety
February 17, 2021


I want you to share your favorite family recipe. Does your Aunt Edna have a famous pound cake recipe that’s been handed down for generations? What about Grandma Alice’s secret cornbread dressing recipe? After all, recipes are a type of process writing.  Choose a favorite recipe that you (or someone in your family, if you don’t cook) makes well.  Make sure you list all the ingredients and then, in paragraph form, give clear and complete directions for preparing the food. Make sure you include all the steps necessary to prepare the recipe including cooking time and oven temperature.  If someone has already posted the recipe you had planned to share, choose something else.  If everyone posts something different, we should have almost 25 new recipes we can prepare for our families.


Write one well-developed paragraph analyzing a process.  Choose a process you already know how to do and that you can explain all the steps of the process in one paragraph.  Some possible processes are completing a simple home repair, creating some craft or hobby project, or the steps in some process you do as part of your job. Choose a topic that you already know how to do and make sure that you can explain all the steps in one paragraph. Make sure this is your own work and not from an outside source. Plagiarized paragraphs will receive a zero.Since you’ll be sharing a favorite family recipe for your DB post this week, doNOTchoose a cooking process for this paragraph.


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