Contemporary and historical mental health care in relation to nursing

Health Services Management
April 7, 2021
Case Study 2 Quality Analysis, Healthcare
April 7, 2021

Contemporary and historical mental health care in relation to nursing models and nursing processes Paper instructions: between 1800-2000 words case study based on a service user. “ Discuss the difference between historical and contemporary mental health care as it applies to a nursing model and the nursing process. o Define the term ˜nursing models’ and examine how they have evolved since their conception. o Define the term ˜nursing process’ and examine how this has evolved since its conception 1. Comment on the historical development of nursing models and the nursing process. Support your answer with examples. ( 50%) o Using ONE component of the nursing process (APIE) (ADPIE) describe how this relates to a service user whom you have cared for during this module. 1. Give overview and short history of S/U to include confidentiality. 2. State the components of ADPIE/APIE with reference to literature 3. How was this ONE component used in relation to your S/U and how does it link to the other components. 4. Discuss how this was utilised in their care. (40%) o Conclude your assignment. Sum up what you have found. In relation to nursing models and the nursing process state if you have you learnt anything for future practice. (10%)

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