Crises at Every Level of Service

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December 5, 2022
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December 5, 2022

When a crisis occurs, it can have an impact at every systems level. Some crises, such as a sexual assault, happen to an individual and therefore occur at the micro level. It might also have an impact at the mezzo and macro level. Other crises, such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, are global events that occur at the mezzo level yet impact the micro and the macro systems level. Regardless of the type or level of the crisis, social workers can use crisis theory to provide support and assistance to individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.

For this Application Assignment , view the media piece, A Day in the Life of a Social Worker, and use crisis theory to analyze the crisis at various systems levels (micro, mezzo, and macro).

The assignment (3–4 pages):

  • Using crisis theory as a framework, analyze the crisis in the media piece and determine the interventions used at each systems level (micro, mezzo, and macro) to resolve the crisis.
  • Explain at least one other intervention (not mentioned in the video) at any systems level that you might use to resolve the crisis.
  • Justify your response based on the literature on crisis theory.

Please make sure that allworkarereferenced correctly within the assignment and that it is plagiarism free. Please see attachments for this assignment

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