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September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

The United States is sometimes referred to as a “melting pot” because people from so many different cultures and religions live here. However, cultural differences and unconscious bias can lead to poor communication, which can disrupt the quality and the outcomes of patient care. Discuss experiences you have encountered regarding culture and/or spiritual beliefs when caring for patients. How did those culture and/or spiritual beliefs affect patient care (whether positively or negatively)? As a nurse, how can you develop ways to assess spiritual needs and develop cultural competence?

Must be 200-250 words

Must be APA format

Assigned Readings

  • Wilson, Susan F. and Giddens, Jean F. (2017). Health assessment for nursing practice (6th ed.). St.Louis, MO: Mosby.
    • Chapters 2-7
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