current health care bill

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July 17, 2021
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July 17, 2021

current health care bill

Select a current health care bill that aIDresses one on the four components of health care and write a 12,000-1,250-word paper on its impact on health services in your community. Include the following:

1. Identify and summarize which component of health care the bill aIDresses.

2. Describe the health care bill, including the health care issue that the bill aIDresses. Why is the bill necessary?

3. Identify proponents of the bill and those that oppose the legislation and state their position (i.e., why do they disagree?).

4. Explain how the bill helps or hinders health services to the community. Describe how it may impact allied health professionals.

5. Describe how the bill impacts the health care and allied health care professionals. How does this impact those that have to follow the bill’s directives?

Use a minimum of 3 aIDitional scholarly references other than the lecture or textbook, and remember that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source.

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