Define the Scholar-Practitioner Model

RELGN Week 6
June 3, 2022
**KIM WOODS** Memory Systems Exam
June 3, 2022

A minimum of 350 words required.

Defined the scholar-practitioner model.

How does this model apply to your current studies and your future profession? Be sure to discuss both parts of the model in your plan. Discuss how a practitioner can further enhance his/her scholarly knowledge, even after educational and degree goals are met. What are some of your professional goals in psychology? What do you hope to accomplish through graduate study?

A minimum of 350 words required APA style with references including one from:

Bouck, G. M. (2011). Scholar-Practitioner Identity: A Liminal Perspective. Scholar-                    Practitioner Quarterly, 5(2), 201-210.

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