Delusions and disorders of the mind and brain

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June 17, 2019


Discuss a cognitive account of an impairment within a particular disorder. 


Pick one of the following disorders: Aphasia, Amnesia 

You should describe the disorder and the impairment associated with it, and explain how the cognitive theory accounts for the impairment. You should then review the experimental evidence supporting (or contradicting) this account. 


Word Limit: 1,500 words 

Format: Double spaced, and printed in 12-point font with 2.54 cm margins. The word limit includes in-text referencing but does not include the reference list at the end, or the title page. 

Referencing: Your assignment should also follow APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and referencing guidelines. 

Submission: The assignment should be submitted on TURNITIN. The submission procedure will be provided in the next tutorial. 

Marking Criteria: Please refer to the COGS101 Assignment Marking Guide. It is important that the structure of your assignment follows the marking guide and covers the sections included in the marking guide, as this is the basis of how the assignments are marked. 

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