Describe the due diligence of progressive discipline of employees

Discuss the process of nutritional assessment and counseling as it relates to health, prevention, screening, diagnostics, prognostics, selection of treatment, and monitoring of treatment effectiveness.
July 5, 2019
describe the effective use of patient-care technologies across the care continuum in a chosen health care system.
July 5, 2019

Imagine your Learning Team is the human resources management team at the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital virtual organization. The new chief executive officer (CEO) of your hospital has asked your team to prepare a presentation about human resources at the hospital.

Prepare a 2-5 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the new CEO in which you:

  •  Describe the due diligence of progressive discipline of employees 
  • Identify specific employee files that show progressive discipline of employees. Determine if due diligence is followed in the corrective action file of the following employees:
  • Bennie Bellamy
  • Alva Branham


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