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400 word- APA 1- references (APA ONLY!!!) SCHOLARLY
October 17, 2020
October 17, 2020

View the video, ” Profile on Evo: Designing Adaptive Organizations .” In the Week 6 – Organizational Design, Structure, and Change discussion forum, address the following questions. What type of business is Evo? Is Evo a centralized or decentralized company? Explain why. Are Evo’s top owner/managers likely to seek more mechanistic type of organization to accommodate growth and change? Why or why not? Explain Evo’s strategy or approach to deal with change? Given Evo’s current structure and pace of growth, identify at least two (2) challenges in the future that you expect to confront the organization. How do you think the Evo should respond to the changes in order to continue as a viable organization? Read and reply to the postings of two (2) other students. For, example, do you agree or disagree with their assessments on how Evo will accommodate growth and change and explain why. Are the future challenges to confront Evo sound reasonable? Explain why or why not.


This assignment will help you analyze the design and structure of an organization and assess its ability to accommodate and mange change.

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