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John Hick and Dostoevsky(“Problem of Evil”)
February 21, 2021
Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory Counseling, psychology homework help
February 21, 2021

Please pick one of the 3 topics to discuss.

1. Discuss Thomas Jefferson’s plantation and the life of his slaves. How were they treated and was this better, worse or the same as other slaves?

2. In some ways, Hughes discusses how slaves were treated worse after freedom. What doe he mean by this, in what ways did slaves “lose” certain amenities and/or aspects?

3. This is not a question, but rather a short assignment (if you chose it). Find at least one source that deals with the specifics of either of your narrator’s life and journey. NO, you do not need to find an actual source on the individual but rather a part of their story that echoes the content of any source dealing with slavery

This is a follow-up discussion forum to a paper I had previously written. I have provided the paper in an attachment for reference purposes. This forum needs to be between 350-1000 words with at least 1-2 reputable sources.

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