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Doctor Mitch
June 8, 2022
SOC120 week 3
June 8, 2022

The chosen issue for the project is human Trafficking.


When you consider the issue or problem in your community that is the focus of your course project, what role do you see advocacy at the program level playing in its resolution? In what way would your efforts differ at the different levels—group, community, and public-policy-making contexts— and why? What role do you see these playing in the resolution of your issue? How will you know if they have been effective?  Please answer these questions in atleast 350 words each =)

Resources for DQ1:




Don’t worry about the work count for this dq close to the work count requirement is good enough for me.


In at least 350 words,  describe how the codes’ application supports ethical approaches in advocacy at a program level. Find a Web site dedicated to the issue you are researching for your course project. What avenues of advocacy does the organization represented by this Web site suggest for this issue? How would you assess the potential effectiveness of the proposed approach? What ethical issues in advocacy may arise for this issue or its impacted population?

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