Discussion Questions

Program Evaluation Plan Part 2: The Research Design
June 6, 2022
Assignment3 Role of Theory in Research
June 6, 2022

Responses for questions 1 & 2 should be between 200 – 300 words long and contain a reference to source materials that support your statements. For the remaining questions, drafta response to each individual question with a minimum of 75 words each.

1.       Why do extrinsic motivators tend to lose their motivating properties in the long term?

2.       Which intrinsic motivators do you value the most and why?

3.       In what ways can your workplace support competence? 

4.       List and describe the three types of needs.

5.       Describe the biologically based theory of motivation called drive theory.

6.       What is so great about intrinsic motivation?

7.       List and define the types of extrinsic motivation

8.       Do Rewards work? Do they increase desirable behavior? What about Punishers?

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