disease or disorder

What strategies need to be developed in the health policy and different models to promote health and policy?
July 17, 2021
health risk behaviours
July 17, 2021

disease or disorder

1) Two pages (one page is too short, three pages is too long)

2) Include the following information where applicable:
A) Disease/Disorder name(s)

B) Etiology: cause of the disease/disorder

C) Signs/Symptoms

D) Epidemiology: who is affected, where the disease occurs, and how the disease is transmitted

E) Treatment(s). 3) All information in your paper must be cited using some form of “in text” citations that refer to your references

C) Literature cited section (with at least three references) using the following format:
1) Journals/Periodicals

Kimble, T. B., and Bell, R. G. 2006. Funky Heart Disease. Journal of Funky Diseases 26:198-207

2) Books

Jones, A. B., and Hatcher, T. G. 1998. The Spleen. Gustav Publishing, Frankfurt, 223 pp.

3) Books with chapters by different authors

Smith, R. G., Wright, T. K. et al. 2009. The importance of fuzzy bunnies to the liver; pp. 55-73 in C. R. Roberts (ed.), The Treatment of Liver Disorders. Samford and Son Publishers, Los Angeles.

4) Internet sources

Author(s). Year. Title of article, URL aIDress, in Title of web resource or homepage, URL aIDress.

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