Assessment of Child’s Behavior
December 5, 2022
sensation and perception worksheet
December 5, 2022

1. One of the goals, as a psychology student, is for you to understand the nature of science and how it pertains to the field of psychology. Many people only think of the clinical side of the field and are not aware that much research has been done in psychology. In this module discuss the following questions using your text and any additional sources (be sure to cite your sources when posting).Explain the nature of empiricism and rationalism, and how these relate to the scientific method. Describe different types of scientific methods used in psychological research. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? Describe the experimental method, distinguishing between independent (IV) and dependent variables (DV) and between experimental and control groups. Also, provide examples of IVs and DVs in your posts. 

2.The Biological perspective has its roots in various philosophical perspectives. One fundamental issue is the nature of free will. Many biologists and other scientists do not believe in free will; rather, they believe in some form of determinism. What are your perspectives on this debate? What sorts of evidence can be presented to support free will or determinism?

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