Early life experiences and potential( child and adolescent health)

healthy infants
April 8, 2021
How have political or policy decisions over the years affected the current health services system?
April 8, 2021

Explain each of the four components of PPCT model. You can write a paragraph on each component. In each paragraph include a reference to a journal article related to the component. One article may be used to support more than one component however you are encouraged to complete wider research by finding a different article for each component. The articles will be applied from health, education and related fields as it is unlikely articles based specifically on bioecological model will be available. Illustrate discussion with examples. Examples can be from your own experience although we realise however, that this may not be the easiest for some people to recall suitable examples. As an alternative you can use hypothetical examples presented in the third person voice. Discussion needs to include how/why the strength influences health & wellbeing outcomes. The assessment is looking for practical application of the theory to demonstrate your understanding of the theory. Propose strategies with the aim of promoting resilience. Ideally there will be more than one strategy proposed however one would be acceptable if it was discussed at adequate depth and able to be applied to resilience. Again link the example to the bioecological model to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply the theory. 1800 words

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