Essay: Evaluating Stem Cell Therapies

Biology Videos Assignment
May 4, 2020
BSC 1005
May 4, 2020


Review these assigned readings; they will serve as your scientific sources of accurate information:


Use a standard Google search for this phrase: “stem cell therapy.” Do not go to Google Scholar. Select one of the websites, blogs, or other locations that offer stem cell therapies.

Save the link for your selected site.

Read the materials provided on your selected site and find out who the authors and sponsors of the site are by going to their “home” or “about us” pages.

Finally, submit your responses to the following in an essay of 500-750 words (2-3 pages of text—use a separate page for a title and for your references):

You are going to prepare a critique of the site you located and compare it to the scientific information available on this therapy.

Give the full title of the website, web blog, or other site that you selected, along with the link.

Describe the therapy that is being offered and what conditions it is designed to treat.

Who are the authors and sponsors of the site you selected?

Compare the claims about the therapy offered to what is said in the assigned readings about this type of therapy. You may have to use our library, as well, to determine what scientists and researchers have to say about the use of stem cells to treat this condition.

Would you say that the therapy you found is a well-established, proven technique for humans, or more of an experimental, unproven approach?

What about the type of language discussed in the Goldman article? Is the therapy you found using sensationalist claims and terminology that are not supported by the scientific research?

Would you recommend that a patient with this condition go ahead and participate in this treatment? Why or why not?

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