Essay exam 1 final ecology Biogeography: Climate help

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September 13, 2021
Air Pollution and Brain Damage Discussion
September 13, 2021

Question 01 is supported by:
Biogeography: Climate
Biogeography: Biomes
Biogeography: Life Zones
Biogeography: Mediterranean Climate and Chaparral

Question 02 is supported by:
Communities and Ecosystems: Temperate Seasonal Forest
Biogeography: Biomes

Question 03 is supported by:
Populations: Cyclic Behavior
Populations: Bird Migration

Question 04 is supported by:
Evolution: Natural Selection
Populations: Population Growth
Communities and Ecosystems: Trophic Pyramids
Communities and Ecosystems: Predator and Prey Sizes
Communities and Ecosystems: Valley Oak Woodland

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