Essay in Language,Culture,and Gender class

Complete Freewrite Discussion Post and Narrative Assignment
February 17, 2021
Research Peper About Communication Across Cultures
February 17, 2021

On the first day of class, all students were asked to fill out an index card answering some questions; the first question was:  “What is language?”  In order to complete this essay, you will need to locate that index card (or remember your answer to that question).

For this essay you will reflect on your initial answer to the above question (as stated on your index card) and update that definition based on the materials in the class.  What is language?  Be sure to include your original answer (from the card). To be very clear:  your nuanced answer should not be that language is a “communication system” or a “communication tool.”

Your essay must include:  (1) a clear and identifiable thesis statement; (2) clear and coherent evidence which supports your argument (thesis statement); (3) examples which demonstrate the evidence and links it to your argument.  Essays should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. 

Also you must include in-text citations when you draw on course materials. Please use the following format for in-text citation (LastNameofAuthor, Year: Page number (if applicable)). So citing something from the Bucholtz article would look like (Bucholtz, 2001) or (Bucholtz, 2001: p.189) if it is a direct quote. Please also include a bibliography of the sources you use in your essay. The bibliography should be at the end of the paper and it will not count toward your total word or page count.


Double space your essay; use 12-pt font; use page numbers; use 1-inch margins; 4 pages maximum (roughly 1000 words).

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