Essentials of understanding psychology, questions help

Writing: Mossler, R. (2014). Child and Adolescent Development. Demonstrate your knowledge in child development
February 24, 2021
Leadership studies research paper (4 double spaces pages 1100-1200 words)
February 24, 2021

  1. Your textbook (Feldman, R. (2013).  Essentials of understanding psychology (10th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson) outlines some prevailing psychological perspectives of thought (neuroscience, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic). Using your own words, summarize three of these perspectives. Provide an example of each perspective to illustrate your summaries.  Which perspective do you think has the most relevance in today’s society, and why? Make sure that you use the textbook to support your answer, but respond to the question in your own words.
  1. Go to the APA website, and look up “Ethical Priniciples of Psychologists” and the Code of Conduct (

  Choose one of the principles and answer the following questions:

  Why do you think this principle is important?

  What difficulties might psychologists encounter when applying this principle?

  Describe a real-life situation in which this principle might be used.

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