Evidence Based Analysis of Professional nursing

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April 9, 2021
April 9, 2021

Evidence Based Analysis of Professional nursing 1. Analyze the impact of nursing history on current nursing practice. (I) 2. Generate an educational plan for lifelong learning in nursing. (vI) 3. Develop and implement strategies to manage role transition to professional nursing 4. including personal and professional stressois. (VI) 5. Analyze the law as it effects nursing practice. (Vf 6. Incorporate professional nursing judgment into the practice of nursing. (III _ IV) 7. Generate solutions to potential workplace issues in the nursing environment. (rr-IV) @ Compare and contrast.leadership styles as they impact communication, conflict management, team building and the process of change. (III _ IV) Analyze current trends in nursing as they. affect nursing roles: provider, teacher, manager, advocate, member of the profession. (Vf

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