Explain what these are and how to do it (photoshop) in your own words, art & design homework help

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February 19, 2021
Assignment 2: Attentional Blink, psychology homework help
February 19, 2021

Selection tools:

Marquee toots:

Eliptical Marquee tool:

Single Row or single Column: Marquee toolis:

The Lasso tool:

The polygonal Lasso tool:

Feather the edge to make it soft and fuzzy:

Adjust a feather after you made a selection:

Modify your selfection and in the Options bar:

The quick selection tool:

The MAgic Wand tool:

The pen tool:

The criop tool:

Transform commands:

Free transfrom:

Transform menu options:

Distort a selection:

Warp a selection:

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