Fix my paragraph/ very familiar with Descartes

the homework about intro to philophy
February 17, 2021
help, 310 word
February 17, 2021

 Descartes uses and analogy (Descartes found that the idea of existence is contained in his idea of a perfect being, in the same way as the equality of its three angles to two right angles is contained in the idea of a triangle. Descartes attempts to prove the existence of God from simple premises like the idea of the sum of the interior angles of a triangle.)

Fix my paragraph, the point I want to reach in this paragraph is that there is enormous gap between a triangle(geometry) and the existence of God so this analogy will not work. There’s a big jump from triangle to the existence of God.  

I think in my paragraph I focused on something else more. Please fix it! 

Descartes’ analogy between a triangle with its features and God with his existence is unfounded. At first, we do not know how the principle of the triangle came to be, however someone had to discover this principle and prove it so everyone can agree. The two right angles is equally to three angles is a characteristic of a triangle. It is a part of a triangle, in which you can use to define it. A person cannot go further on without knowing how that came to be. If it was self evident, there would not be a proof for how a triangle is since it is known to be true. As we know, this is false since we have a proof to depend on. The proof checks our reason. All this is based on deductive reasoning. Unfortunately, this is not same for God’s existence. Do we actually know where God came from? Does he actually exist? If he does, where is the proof. Not only do we need to use our reason, we must use our senses and imagination as well when it comes to God’s existence. A person who does not use their senses and imagination cannot find truth about God. Overall, there is an enormous gap between a triangle and the existence of God. The connection between the two is the solid enough to make a clear judgement about a topic. 

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