global health promotion

Nurse leader as Knowledge worker
November 21, 2020
Cultural Diversity
November 21, 2020


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1)  The book mentions that technology can “improve health, be affordable and appropriate in low- and middle-income countries, address the most pressing health needs, be developed in the next 5 to 10 years, advance knowledge, and have important indirect benefits” in middle and low income countries. (Skolnik, 2015) With that being noted what are some ways that technology can help to improve the health of those living in low income locations?

2)  Given that there are an abundance of resources that are currently being allocated to help developing countries, why isn’t a collaboration between every developed country that enforces each country to contribute? We’re all on the same planet, whether we’re of different races, cultures, religions, etc. every person on this planet lives on the same planet, why isn’t there more enforcement of participation? 


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