December 6, 2022
Read the case study on Jaylene Smith and explain her personality using the behavioristic perspective    
December 6, 2022

Write an autobiography in complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling. Following the structure provided below, your autobiography should contain 3 paragraphs (minimum of 5–7 sentences each). This assignment needs to be concise but still completely answer the requirements. 

Paragraph 1: Provide your name, where you are from, and include some information about your family and background. Include anything interesting about yourself and your career choice or possibilities that you want to share with the class. 

Paragraph 2: Include your academic strengths, academic weaknesses, your cognate areas, and your perceived talents, reflecting upon your planned career. 

Paragraph 3: Include your Christian testimony (if you have one) or include how your experience at Liberty University with its worldview will enhance your chosen career path. 

My name is Jasonus Tillery and im from newport news, virginia i currently live in Colorado . My previous career was playing professional football, now im looking to get in to coaching sports.  I major in interdisciplnary studies and we start my masters next semester in sports management . you can just include your testimony lol and i’ll rewrtite that portion. if you need help just GOOGLE ME JASONUS TILLERY

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